Learning / Training Video

Health & Safety Training Video

Anibrain Interactive is a specialized occupational health & safety training video production studio, We produce videos for industrial & manufacturing sectors. We design simple & easy to understand health & safety training videos for employees & company visitors, which can effectively communicate your message. Video is the most cost effective way of communicating a health & safety message to large numbers of audience. Educating or training your employees is very important where production processes are dangerous & complex to understand. Health & safety videos take this burden out of your shoulder & makes your employees well trained & confident to speed up production with safety.

This plant safety training video created to give the visitors of a plant information on what are some of the do’s and don’t. They serve as a unique interactive content, that imparts knowledge of the safety precautions to be taken while in the plant. Get in touch with us to create similar learning content for all in house processes that can helps in informing your employees about critical pointers.